How To Use Your Beta Readers

Maybe it’s my paranoia talking, but I really didn’t like the idea of just attaching my big-ass manuscript to an email and sending it to strange beta readers with a smiling emoji: hey, read my shit, why don’t you? Look, I’m smiling! That didn’t seem like the safest bet because a) stranger danger, and b) how are they supposed to know what I want them to … Continue reading How To Use Your Beta Readers

Fictional Obsession Support Group

Imagine your best friend is a monkey. You have fun together, squash bananas in each other’s faces, go swimming in fur bikinis, it’s great. One day, you meet another monkey, but this one has pink fur. You decide to be a disloyal asshole and make this groovy chimp your best friend. The only problem is, now you’re trying to give this new monkey the same … Continue reading Fictional Obsession Support Group

Time to Massage Your Story: Beta Readers

Suppose you’ve got a dog. It’s a great dog- slobbery and furry and cute. However, it’s got a nasty habit of chewing up your shoes. What do you do? Well, you obviously ask advice from other people, because in this parallel dimension, the internet with all its ability to undermine your confidence is non-existent. In the writing community, these other people are called beta readers, … Continue reading Time to Massage Your Story: Beta Readers

World Building: Snark, Tips and Sarcasm

So you’ve got an idea: cat-lover saves the world from gum-spitting bees. The bees spit half-chewed gum at the cats and people of the world, trapping them in a disgusting, sticky prison. Your protagonist decides to defeat the bees to save the cats. Three hours later, you come up with a gorgeous outline, complicated characters and enough gum-spitting action to satisfy the Violet girl from Charlie … Continue reading World Building: Snark, Tips and Sarcasm

Studying vs. Writing: The Battle of the Century

I am a student; I am a writer; I am stressed as fuck. The stress goes with the territory though, so I can’t say I didn’t see this coming. Now, people are always talking about how hard it is to work and write at the same time, and I feel for them, truly. It’s stressful to have only yourself to depend on for your living, … Continue reading Studying vs. Writing: The Battle of the Century

Outlining for Dummies- part 1

How do I say this nicely? If you don’t outline, you either already are, or are going to be a disorganised mess. We’re talking puke-on-a-boat-in-a-storm level of hopelessness. Great; now that we understand one another, we can move on to how the fuck outlining works. Since I only have experience with being me, I will explain how I outline my shit (metaphorical shit-I’m not perfectionist … Continue reading Outlining for Dummies- part 1

How Murder Leads to Writing

Imagine a spark. This tiny spark, a short moment of brilliance that fades in an instant. Now picture what happens when that insignificant spark touches a piece of combustible matter: the world fucking explodes. Thus, writing was born. Once upon a time, some dude got a spark caught in his hair, and then his head was on fire; his buddy saw him, had a dark sense … Continue reading How Murder Leads to Writing