Hi, I’m Ella.

To give you a bit of background info, I’m an aspiring writer (as evidenced by the number of rants about writing on my blog), and a nursing student at Ryerson University.

In my spare time, I bang my head against the wall attempting to dredge up new ideas for the various short stories I’m writing as well as for scenes in my book. If my brain cells start crying, I watch a vast variety of shows (well, variety might be the wrong word since all the shows are fantasy) or I dance (my dancing should never see the light of day), or I play piano (if you think nails on chalkboard is bad…). Sometimes, my nursing courses actually get through my thick skull and I start panicking about my diet and lack of physical activity…but then I settle down to some youtube and chocolate and come to my senses. So what if I start panting up half a flight of stairs? Dogs pant all the time and people just think that’s cute!

Basically, I’m just an average girl who ruminates about death, torture and things that go bump in the night to the point that the monster under the bed is no longer a children’s story. It is fact, supported by hard empirical evidence (that scratch in the floor wasn’t always there, I swear!).


Totally not insane.

I look forward to hearing your feedback on my writing- as an aspiring writer, I really love constructive criticism (although nothing can compare to some nice compliments)!