Why I Work Alone: A Group Project Horror Story

If you’ve gone to school at any point in your life, you have felt the pain of group projects. The terror of being put in a group of people you don’t know; the horrifying disappointment when you notice that those strangers are lazy assholes; the sinking feeling in your stomach as you understand that you will have to complete the workload for five people by … Continue reading Why I Work Alone: A Group Project Horror Story

Incredible Procrastination

I have a problem. It haunts my sleep and turns my dreams to nightmares. It slips into the reality of my days and suddenly a perfectly lovely morning turns into night – a stormy, bad night. Not a pretty one with starlight and 20 degree weather (this is Canada.I’m talking in Celsius. Twenty degrees is actually pretty warm…like, t-shirt plus a light sweater weather). The … Continue reading Incredible Procrastination