Writer’s Block and a Little Flirting

Remember that time you were talking to someone that you were trying to impress- a pretty love interest, perhaps- and then you lost complete track of the conversation? But of course, you couldn’t just stop talking and apologise for your momentary slip of attention, that would be rude; so you kept on talking, hoping that you would find your point somewhere along the way. Of … Continue reading Writer’s Block and a Little Flirting

Why I Cringe: Confessions of A Socially Inept Human

I pride myself on being a semi-functioning human, or a humanoid-looking domesticated cat. Sure, I can take care of myself and even to some extent, of my hunting-impaired human counterpart; but if you try to make me interact with another human, I’ll just as likely scratch its juicy heart out as purr. Thus, going out in public is a minefield of social cues that I, … Continue reading Why I Cringe: Confessions of A Socially Inept Human

Why I Write: A Sarcastic Sapfest

Considering how often I complain about writing, you may be wondering why the hell I bother engaging in the torturous activity. Masochistic tendencies? Self-hatred? Chronic antisocial behaviour that requires a legitimate excuse? Besides the word addiction problem that all writers seem to suffer from, there’s a simple reason: a sloshy bucket. See, at some point during puberty, I went into an emo phase, without the black … Continue reading Why I Write: A Sarcastic Sapfest

Fictional Obsession Support Group

Imagine your best friend is a monkey. You have fun together, squash bananas in each other’s faces, go swimming in fur bikinis, it’s great. One day, you meet another monkey, but this one has pink fur. You decide to be a disloyal asshole and make this groovy chimp your best friend. The only problem is, now you’re trying to give this new monkey the same … Continue reading Fictional Obsession Support Group