Beautiful Dreamer Awake


Darling, don’t tell me you want to leave.

Darling, don’t look at me with those big brown eyes, overflowing with tears. Don’t you know I love you? I positively adore you, sweetie pie. Honey pie. You are the sweetest pie I will ever eat. Remember that night? Our first night together, when I licked and sucked at the sweet fruit you hid between your thighs.

Darling- why do you only keep the memories of my mistakes? There’s no need to leave; I will always keep your favourite tea steeping, ready for you to come back. Because you always will come back. A bitch always returns to her master if she’s been well trained, and we all remember those lovely training sessions.

Darling dearest, darling mine, darling gorgeous: come back into my arms, now. There’s no need to get restless. There’s no need to leave. Those bruises only highlight your beauty all the more. Splotches of purple and green, drawing the eye to the curve of your hip, your ass, your breast. Like finger prints that mark the path to the heaven that awaits once we get under the covers-

Darling! Please, stop crying, stop screaming such ugly words at me. Abuser, monster, devil. We both know they’re not true; you came to me willingly, slept like a baby in my arms after your training.Why change your mind now, when the worst is behind us? It’s not rape if you liked it. And we both know you loved the feeling of my hands on your lovely curves…

Darling, paradise lies in our future, if you would just let go of the doorknob and accept me for who I am. I’m just trying to be myself in a world that doesn’t understand what it is to be different, unique. But you do…you do, I saw it in your eyes on the night we met. You smiled at me, swayed your hips at me, enticing me, drawing me to you. You wanted me, don’t try to deny it. I can see the twinkle of mischief in your eyes, almost smothered by those nasty tears.

Darling sweetheart, come, dry your eyes. We’ll talk about this. I promise I’ll behave myself. Besides, we’re miles away from the nearest residence- how will you get home? Oh no, now you’re crying again. I’ll take you home myself in just a couple minutes. Come, drink some tea- it’s green tea, it’s supposed to smell like that- yes, and then I’ll drive your home. Good girl.

Darling, kiss me. Kiss me, beautiful. Let me taste the fear on your lips. I won’t hurt you, I promise.


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