First blog post…kind of

Well, I’ve already posted my first blog post an hour or so ago, but I realised that it might be a good idea to extrapolate on what my plan for this blog is, instead of just positing a thing and logging off. People might be curious as to why there are two random-ass stories on my page, and why both of them end in death.

Is death going to be a running theme in this blog? Honestly? It probably will be. Most of my stories end, or contain death in some way. Oh, actually I have one that doesn’t…but that one involves incest, so I don’t know if that’s much of an improvement. Basically, I have a creepy imagination. Sorry about that, internet.

Now, as to my plan: I will be positing a short (depending on your definition of “short”) story/week. The narratives will be completely unrelated, but might have similar themes or “voices”. What can I say? I have a one-track mind…which seems to be stuck on horror and sarcasm at the moment (well, I have one story that isn’t sarcastic, but that one is a love letter from a stalker. Again, not much of an improvement. He’s a very disturbed stalker. Hence the stalking. And now I’m blabbering. Is that even a word? Ugh, ignore me.).  If I ever run out of creativity juice and therefore stories, plan B is to post one of my truly awful poems. And if that happens…may the deities of the world help us, because the internet may just explode from the force of my poem’s sappiness. Basically, they’re all about emotions and self-identity and shit. Which may sound nice, but with my writing style, it’s not. Plan C, if I run out of poetry, is just posting something about how my writing on my book is going. In that case, it’ll be a lot of ranting, because so far, I’ve counted about twenty plot holes- and I’m ten pages into my editing. And yes, I did plan everything before starting to write, but the plans got kind of…misplaced. By my main character. Because he’s an asshole whose goal in life seems to be fucking with my brain. His name is Jay, and he is fictional, in case you were curious and/or confused.

To be honest, I might just switch plans B and C around, because I’ll cringe myself into kyphosis if I ever publish one of my poems. Plus, it’s a lot of fun to rant about writing- have you noticed that?

At any rate, I am going to quit while I’m ahead in this, my “first” blog post. I hope you enjoy reading my various stories/rants (I am going to do my utmost to never subject you to poetry), and please, feel free to comment below with advice on the writing/publishing process, or give me feedback on my posts.


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