Seriously- Why is My Brain SUCH an Asshole?

HELLO FROM THE OTHER SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDE…literally the other side. I’m writing from the foot of my bed. It smells better than you might think down here. But let us not waste time on pleasantries (if you can call discussing foot odour a pleasantry). We have serious business to discuss. Namely, how the fuck deadlines work. I started writing this piece-of-shit story of mine in July, right; … Continue reading Seriously- Why is My Brain SUCH an Asshole?

The Key to Writing is NOT Being Me

Another rant coming- plug your ears and then cry because HA! You can’t block the written word! It is a swarm of mean little gnats coming at you and worming into your soul so you can feel the anguish of my privileged first world existence! DO YOU FEEL IT YET? And…giving a rest to my unfortunate sense of humour, let’s get down to business (to … Continue reading The Key to Writing is NOT Being Me

Silence VS. Shouting…Aaaaaand Shouting Wins!

via Daily Prompt: Silence Here’s the thing: I don’t do silence. I don’t even do “indoor voices”. My preferred method of communication is loud, decisive. I like to laugh from deep in my belly, head thrown back and shoulders shaking- why should I deprive anyone of my hoarse cackle? And when I start talking…well, good luck shutting me up. Because it ain’t gonna happen. So, … Continue reading Silence VS. Shouting…Aaaaaand Shouting Wins!

Beware the Quiet Ones

I died about four families ago. Sorry for the inaccuracy, but it’s hard to measure time when nothing changes but your environment. Think about it: when you think about your day, you measure it in activities that you have done. Showered. Dressed. Went to school. Came home. Kissed the cat. Regretted kissing the clawed demonic feline. Hugged the cat. Regretted that too. I didn’t move … Continue reading Beware the Quiet Ones

Word prompt: Fragile

There is a soft sort of…quietness to the world today. A stillness, like the rapid flutter of a hummingbird’s wings got suspended in time. Wings are lifted- There is a minute possibility that the world will stay this way. That it will just freeze, preserved in the rock-like certainty of forever spent in the same mould. Unchanging. Enduring. Completely forgettable. Voices swirl around me, a laughing stream trickling over … Continue reading Word prompt: Fragile